Success Story

Anita & Deepak

After numerous blind dates and introductions from family I decided to join Kismat and because it catered for my specific needs of being a single parent thought why not give it a shot what's the worst that could happen?

Well after several chats online and then many dates later Deepak and I decided to tie the knot. I was surprised how quickly we connected and because we both have children it just made us perfect for each other.

He understood my worries and I his, we just didn't think it would turn out like this and as we'd both been looking for some time couldn't believe our luck when we found each other on Kismat. I can honestly say if it wasn't for Kismat Deepac and I would never have met and my outlook on life is a lot different now anything’s possible if you just take a chance!!!! I second that!!! (Deepak) Thanks Kismat

Imran & Sara

Imran: after years of focusing on my career I'd realised that I'd put off finding my life partner and most women my age were either married, engaged or in a relationship. I didnt really want to be having children so late in my life so I thought I'd give Kismat a shot seen as some of my friends had recommended it to me.

Had a few dates with other potential partners but then finally I met Sara. She already had 2 children but that didn't bother me because we had so many things in common. Slowly we've got to know each other more and more and I've met the kids who I know have a big role in my life.

Sara and I hope to be together in the long run and hopefully marriage is on the cards. Kismat's offered me a door to meeting a ready made family which I just needed to be the final puzzle of so I suggest if your looking for the same thing then go for it!!!!

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